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Volunteering opportunities:
Maintaining and improving the Buildings and Historic Site is a great
way to learn more about your community, about the history of the Oregon Trail, and to invest your time into something truly worthwhile.
Your time will be invested into a project that will carry forward for
generations to come. You can become a custodian of the past, and to
honor the love and effort placed here by previous generations.
Join us by accepting a short term project, or a regular task. The list below is short. Your talents or interests may bring something welcome
and new to us.
Things which we need help with now:

* Promoting, and/or Hosting, Tours and Open Houses at the Cabin.
* Board of Director positions; (not so much work, as advisory)
* Grant Writing
* Fund-raising and the creation of a Foundation.
* Setting up, and storing picnic tables and benches.
* Place sandwich board church advertising on your property.
* Flower bed maintenance and semi-annual replanting at the Church.
* Pruning the boundaries along with weed control.
* Mole Patrol, and trapping.
* Create new interpretive materials and displays.
* Cleaning the Church Roof; (liaison with professionals)
* Cleaning the Church and Cabin gutters twice a year.
* Pruning the Grape Arbor.

* Create Events to utilize the site and benefit the community:
# Concert series to use the Church
# Book author speaker series
# History Detectives tpe Lecture Series
# Demo-Days; Rock Splitting; Steam driven tools… etc.
# Road Rally – waypoint or picnic stop.
# Bicycle tours – waypoint and tours
# Retirement Centers and Recreation Dept tours.
* Construction Projects needing project leaders or liasons with
other service groups such as Eagle Scouts.
# Refurbishing and displaying of the horse harness for
the Mud-Wagon. Plus signage.
# Refurbishment of the farm wagon.
# Refurbishment of one Seed Cleaner for demonstrations